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Just one pump can deliver quick, long-lasting results.

• 100% Hemp-Derived CBD
• Zero THC
• Easy to Apply and Fast Absorbing
• Refreshing Scent
• Results In Minutes

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Smart Technology. Proven Science. Clinically Backed.

Our proprietary Cannabidiol Delivery system is unlike anything that’s currently on the market.

It enables molecules to be transported fast and deep through the skin, allowing rapid penetration into targeted tissue.

We can now deliver molecules with the ease of a lotion. No patches. No drops or pills. No vapes.

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Targeted Delivery. Systemic Benefits. Results Fast.

Developed by Scientists and Doctors, Notion is manufactured at FDA registered, cGMP certified facilities.

Our CBD is 100% hemp-derived, quality tested, and contains ZERO THC.

Notion’s proprietary molecular delivery technology helps you quickly absorb CBD for maximum results.

Our technology means each application of Notion delivers results quickly and lasts longer, providing results hours after use.


Fast acting. Long lasting.

Feel good and live your best life. Try for yourself and experience the Notion difference.