Frequently Asked Questions

How much CBD is in Notion and when do I reapply?
Each full pump of Notion contains approximately 15mg of CBD and there are approximately 50 pumps per jar. Start with one pump and adjust as needed. 

Why doesn’t lotion appear from the jar when pumped?
Notion's jar is airless so you will need to pump/prime the jar to get it ready for use. Remove the clear lid and pump the top a few times until lotion is dispensed.

If for some reason lotion doesn't dispense, please let us know and we can exchange for a new jar of Notion. Alternatively, you can access the lotion by unscrewing the top at the silver collar to expose the product.

How to use Notion
Simply press the top of jar to dispense lotion. Swipe the lotion across the top of the jar with your finger and apply to skin. Rub into targeted area and wait 15 minutes. If you’re not getting the results desired, apply another pump of product.

Usage suggestions

Restless or anxious?
Apply one pump applied to the back of the neck or chest.

Headache or brain fog?
Apply one pump applied across the temples and forehead.

Stiff or sore?
Apply one pump to the targeted area.

How should I store my jar of Notion?

While Notion was designed to go wherever you go, it is recommended that you store your jar in a room temperature location out of direct sunlight. The natural ingredients in Notion, such as cannabidiol, can go through a normal phase of oxidation more quickly when subjected to prolonged warm temperatures or exposure to light. If this happens, you may notice a slight pinkish hue in the cream's color. No need to worry. The safety, efficacy, and scent of the product will not change. 

I take medications; how do I know if using Notion is okay and safe for me?
If you are currently taking medication or have a serious medical condition, please consult with your physician to determine whether it is safe to consume or apply any CBD product.

Will Notion get me high / Does Notion contain THC?
No. We only use hemp-derived CBD which has been tested for quality and purity and free of THC. We go a step further and have the final product third-party tested to confirm Notion has no THC. See our website for quality testing and our Certificate of Analysis related to the lot number on your Notion jar. 

I’m trying to purchase Notion on the website and it’s not working, what do I do?
Notion takes precautions to only sell CBD-derived products to locations where it is allowed. Some states and local jurisdictions may not have classified hemp derivatives (including CBD) as distinct from marijuana, and as a result, we are restricted from selling Notion to those jurisdictions.

If you’re having trouble completing a purchase on our website, it could be due to CBD restrictions in your state. As the restrictions surrounding CBD evolve and laws change, Notion will continue to work on updating our processes to sell our product in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations.

If you believe CBD should be legal to purchase in your jurisdiction, check the credit card you’re using. If you’re still having difficulty, please reach out to Customer Support at (888) 767-2792 or

What does CBD do?
While the science of cannabinoids is evolving, studies have shown that CBD may interact with certain receptors in our bodies that help modulate pain, inflammation, and anxiety. When these receptors are off, you’re “off” too. Like everything, everyone’s experience with CBD may be a little different. Just try it and see what works best for you!

Why not just consume an edible CBD product?
When consumed, an ingredient is metabolized by the body through the digestive system. Typically, you need to ingest more of an ingredient to get a targeted amount of that ingredient into your system. Notion’s delivery technology allows you to bypass this process and get CBD to where it’s needed fast.

How is Notion different than a patch?
A transdermal patch is designed to breakdown the layers of skin to deliver an ingredient into the body. This takes time and creates skin irritation. With the ease of Notion, apply the lotion for fast, safe, and effective results.

What about smoking to get CBD into the body?
While it’s true that inhaling CBD can have a fast effect, this effect is typically sustained for only a couple of hours. Aside from the social and health implications of smoking, Notion stands out by absorbing quickly and having impressive sustainability.

Is there an age limit to use the product?
While Notion can provide relief for all ages, it’s advised that those under the age of 18 use under the direction of their physician and/or parent or guardian.

Are there any product warnings?
For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a serious medical condition consult a physician prior to use. 

What is Notion's value?
With Notion, we’re committed to providing consumers with a safe, high-quality, effective product that enables the many potential benefits of CBD. Our product quality and testing reflects our commitment and the differentiation you get with Notion. From the ingredients sourced, additional third-party testing to ensure quality, sophisticated airless packaging, to the proprietary delivery technology, Notion sets itself apart from what’s currently available on the market. Notion's technology safely and efficiently transports the CBD to where it’s needed and results can last hours.