A consistent amount of CBD each time, delivered quickly to where it's needed.

Notion was born from a pharmaceutical startup developing new ways to deliver therapeutics through the skin.

We've done the research and validated the science in the lab. We have now perfected for the delivery of hemp-derived molecules.

Notion's formulation is packed with the right amount of science and CBD to deliver what you're looking for.

This is topical CBD, perfected.

Proven Science + Natural Ingredients

Developed by scientists and doctors, Notion is produced at FDA registered, cGMP certified facilities and is 100% formulated from nature.

Proprietary Science: drug delivery technology developed by a pharmaceutical company.

Certified for Purity: we only use hemp-derivatives and our products are tested and certified THC-free.

Proven Efficacy: delivery platform has been validated in laboratories and clinics to get what you need, where you need it.

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Simple, dose-adjusted dispensing jar. Just push, swipe, and apply. You get 15mg of quality CBD per pump, delivered to where it's needed.

Simple. Smart. Effective.

Find out what happens when you blend smart science with quality CBD. Finally experience the targeted and systemic results via a topical lotion.

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"It's unlike any other cream I've applied. It vanishes moments after application and is excellent at delivering CBD" - Christy